Galvanized Wire

SIVACO high luster Galvanized Wire is produced in a variety of coating weights, either at finished size or drawn after, and in diameters up to .500” – the largest in the industry.

Grades: C-1006 through C-1086 (includes music grade)

Types: Hot Dipped Galvanized Process, Soft, Medium, and Hard Temper, Medium and High Carbon Grades, Drawn after Galvanized: All Grades

Up to .500” (13mm) in Low and Medium Carbon Grades
Up to .407” (10.33 mm) in High Carbon Grades

Diameter Tolerance: AISI – ASTM – CSA

Finishes: Hot Dipped Silver Bright Finish, Super High Luster Finish

Coatings: Regular and Heavy Coating

Packaging: Spoolless Core: 500 lbs. to 3,000 lbs, Continuous Length Wire on Carriers ,Compacted Coils, Straightened and Cut, Shrink Wrapped or Plastic Shrouded, Block Sizes up to 48”