High Carbon Wire

SIVACO High Carbon Wire is provided to customer specifications for applications such as springs, telecommunication strand, wire rope, and many others.

SIVACO High Carbon Wire is carefully monitored and managed through all processes to meet the exact requirements of our customers

Types: ACSR, Pulp Tying, 9000 Series, Music Spring Wire, MB Spring,  WireRope,  Strand, Armor Wire, Upholstery Spring Wire

Grades:  C-1045 through C-1086

Diameter: .076” Up to .407” (10.60 mm)  (+/- .002”)(1.93 mm-10.60 mm)(+/- .051 mm)

Diameter Tolerance: .040”- .076”  (+/- .001”)(1.016 mm-1.93 mm)(+/- .025 mm)

More restrictive tolerances available upon request

Finishes: Soap Drawn, Clean Bright,  Zinc Phosphate Regular Zinc or Heavy Zinc Coated Galvanized Wire.

Thermal Treatments: Spheroidized Annealed at Finish, Annealed in Process, Lead Patented at Finish, Lead Patented in Process, Stress Relieved, Strand Annealed

Physical and Mechanical Properties: To ASTM Standards in all grades and types and/or specific customer requirements.

Packaging: Spoolless Core 500 lbs. to 3000 lbs,  Continuous Length Wire on Carriers, Compacted Coils, Straightened and Cut, Shrink Wrapped or Plastic Shrouded, Block Sizes up to 48”